Free Roulette Systems

You’ll learn more about free roulette systems below. While playing in a casino, there is more than just the house edge to take care of. There are many other expenses involved other than the money that you would be putting on the table. You need to take care of traveling expenses. Lodging, eating, parking and tips to the employees in the establishment also add up to a significant amount. Add to this the fact that most of the free roulette systems out there do not work and the casinos know that. That is why they are happy enough to let you play them. Even if you do find a free roulette system that works, more often than not, these techniques are very slow and other players would make it difficult for you to continue with them.

You can try the following advice to win better and quickly. Choose any seven numbers and bet one unit on each. If all of them lose, bet the same set again for a maximum of three times. If you have still not won anything, you should stop for the day. But if you have won, you should bet on the same seven numbers with five units each. If you win again you should repeat the betting with those same numbers with thirty five units each or up to the house limit whichever is less. You should quit after this whether you win or lose because your maximum loss would be 21 units and maximum winnings would be 945 units.

If you want to win slowly, you can try the following strategy.

This one plays on a slight flaw of the roulette table. Each of the columns has twelve numbers. That is one-third of the total options ignoring double zero and zero. Column one has an equal number of numbers of both red and black colors, but the second column has eight black and four red numbers. The third column has eight red and four black numbers. In one game session play either red or black numbers. Do not switch between the colors.

If you have chosen to bet on red, then, you should bet an equal amount on the second column. Similarly, if you have chosen to bet on black, you should bet an equal amount on the third column. When you have bet in this fashion, what you are effectively done is cover a total of 26 numbers out of 38 at the cost of two units. That happens as you are covering 18 of a color and 8 of the other color and doubling the coverage on 4.

When the correct color shows up, you make even amount of money and hence the next spin is practically free. When only the correct column comes up you make one unit of profit. When both the color and the column match, you end up making three units of profit for your turn. It is important that you maintain control and patience and ensure that you do not let the casino win a lot. You should quit while you are still ahead. Hope you enjoy free roulette systems article here.