How To Play Craps

Many people want to learn how to play craps but they feel that it is too hard for them. Actually, it is quite a simple game. It just looks complicated because of the large table with numbers arranged in a peculiar manner, and the dice being rolled and calls being made make it sound like something out of your reach. People wonder what those numbers mean and why they determine how much you win. In order to understand how this simple game is played, there are just a few things to understand.

To begin with, you need to know what the table says.

A ‘puck’ will indicate whether a game is going on or not. White indicates that it is ‘on’ and black means that it is ‘not on. ’ It is important for the administrator to have this indicator displayed, as this game is played in rounds, and there may be a break for a game and there will be no apparent action.

There will only be one person as the player, and he or she is called the shooter. If you are the shooter, you will be in charge of rolling the dice. Other people standing around may be participants who place their bets either for or against you. The game essentially commences once you roll the dice. When you roll the two dice, and the sum amounts to 7 or 11, the shooter is the one who wins. If you score a 7 or an 11, you will also get to keep the dice for the next throw. If you happen to get a 12, 3 or 2, you lose your turn, which is termed ‘craps’ but you can still roll the dice in the next turn. This next turn will be your new ‘come out roll. ’ If a shooter gets any other numbers apart from the ones mentioned above, the game will begin, and the puck will be flipped over to its white side in order to indicate that the game is on. It will be set on the number that the dice show. If you roll out a sum of 5, the puck will be placed on the number 5 on the table, which is called the ‘point. ’

If you are learning how to play craps, you must know that when the game is ‘on’ the rules change, and the number that you should not get is 7. As a shooter, you will continue to roll the dice until you get a 7 or if you get a sum that amounts to your starting ‘point. ’ If you get a ‘point’ your turn will stop, and if you get a 7 you lose the game. During the course of each game, and with each sum of numbers you roll [2-12], bets are placed by all those participating.

When you learn how to play craps, you need to develop your understanding of the betting numbers, and it requires a certain level of understanding. You can either have broad win/lose numbers or narrow bets that are very specific, such as Craps and 2 ones that form a sum of 2. When the numbers are specific, the bet payouts are much higher. If you are new to placing bets, avoid anything complex as the odds are most likely to be against you.