How To Play Roulette

You have probably wondered at least once how to play roulette. With hundreds of different bets that you can make, roulette may look challenging to learn, but you will soon see how easy it is to learn. There are multiple variations of roulette, but the main two are double zero and single zero. Although the mechanics of these games are nearly identical, the odds and betting strategies are quite different. Double zero, or American roulette, gives the house nearly twice the edge as single zero, or European roulette.

Roulette is played by placing chips on specific spots on the table, while the croupier or dealer, spins the wheel in one direction before spinning the ball in the other direction. After the ball lands on the winning number, the croupier places a marker known as a dolly on the winning number. Once the dolly has been placed all bets stay on the board until the losing bets are collected and the payouts had been made. The dolly is then removed and betting may resume. Most bets are divided into either inside or outside bets. Outside bets offer a higher chance of winning but lower payouts, while inside bets offer better payouts but more risk. House rules may allow for bets known as announced bets or called bets, but this is not true of all roulette games.

The safest, yet lowest paying, outside bets are bets on half of the numbers on the wheel.

These include betting on the first or second half (1 – 18 or 19 – 36), red or black bets, and even or odd bets. If you are looking to double your payout, you can place dozen bets (1 – 12, 13 – 24, or 25 – 36) and column bets. Column bets are bets placed on one of the board’s three vertical columns. If you are looking for the big payouts, inside bets are for you. Straight up bets are placed on a single number and they offer the highest payouts. The next highest paying bet is a two number split, which is placed between two adjacent numbers. After that is a three line or street bet, which is a bet placed on the edge of the line across the three numbers you’re betting on. Two street bets can be combined in to a double street or six line bet.

Commonly recognized announced bets include neighbor bets, thirds of the wheel bets, neighbors of zero bets, and orphan bets. Third of the wheel bets, as the name implies are bet on the third of the wheel between and including 27 and 33. In addition, neighbor bets are placed on one number and the two ‘neighbor’ numbers on both sides of the wheel. Neighbors of zero bets are placed on the numbers between and including 22 and 25. Orphan bets are bets on the eight numbers not included in neighbors of zero bets and thirds of the wheel bets. These announced bets are mainly played at single zero roulette games and are not recognized at every table.

These are just the rules of how to play roulette. It may take a few spins of the wheels to find a betting strategy you’re comfortable with, so don’t worry if it seems like you’re not doing too well on your first few plays. You have taken the first step by learning how to play roulette, so good luck!